you step inside with your dreadlocks in a rubberband,

t-shirt and drawstring pants,

yet classier than any other man,

i've ever seen.

you're amazing to me.

i'm just so scared to say so.

cause im so used to being left and thrown away,

and its only been maybe 3 or 4 days,

but ive figured out so much by passing time with you.

i wanna try with you,

something new.

cause if loved,

i need to be loved with simplicity.

in the hopes that you understand that with you,

i have been given the time

to learn patience.

and now i see,

im allowed to be picky,

but not plenty,

cause in the past,

it put me in a place of complexity,

as i actually see i settled,

and let him get the best of me,

so the next time you're sexin me,

lets just practice

to shift the earth

off its axis,

cause in the beginning,

i just wanted to be loved.

to be wrapped up in the sheets of your manhood,

and spellbound by the manifestation

of the lyrics to your lovesong.

im caught in your trance.

after have been given a chance to walk away,

but past it up,

and now

im stuck.

and i think i see,

that you could possibly be

unlike the others.

the psuedo-lovers

and brainwashed brothers

who strut with their swagger

carrying intentions to break hearts.

thinkin they sway me with that game they spit,

when really that shit only makes me sick,

and now,

i think you're the one i wanna spend sunsets with.

cause i just want you to love me,

with your flesh.

seduce me with your sprit.

make time for me,

and ill do all the impossible for you.

i wanna catch and collect your teardrops

before they hit the floor,

have you wondering what else

i could possibly have in store,

when really,

i just crave you,

to study me.

pay attention to the details,

no one ever mentioned

and notice things i never even knew about myself.

grin as you gaze into my eyes

and wink at my dimples when you make me laugh.

create classics with me.

as you suddenly become

philharmonically inclined

to the symphony of my soul.

I want to become synchronized with your unpredictability,

and one with every atom of your being.

to put it simply,

i wanna be adored by you.

illustrate fate and wait for you.

create sunny side up sonnets

and bottomless ballads

as we collaborate the compositions of our deepest compassions.

come navigate my neverland.

and rewrite my fairy tales

as we become whimsical when alone together.

i want you to bathe me with your brillance

cause i learn from you.

have you home school me with your wisdom

and ill take notes.

maybe even drown me in your insecurites

as i show you i can finally be the woman you deserve.

with your gentle head on my belly,

i want to run my fingers through your vulnerablilty.

as i inhale your passion,

let your hair fall into my face.

wrap your arms around me,

given me collarbone kisses,

take me from bottom to top,

so intense i kinda want you to stop,


when did i first fall in love with hip-hop?

right now.

as i become engulfed in your mannerisms.

because you are the perfect metaphor

in any verse of my poetry.

and tonite,

we might,

see that when left meets right,

we sculpt contrapposto together.

I want to be sauteed in your scarcasm

because your twisted sense of humor fits me,

for once, someone gets me,


you lift me.

I'll swim across the strong current

in a pool of your frailty

just to bring out your inner child and make you smile.

take what you want from me,

but right now,

come what may.

but if i cant have you all to myself,

i'd rather sacrifice that just to keep you in my life.

cause one way or another,

you are my soulmate.

my simile of serendipity

and constant source of sanity.

the one,

who, to me

is ever so randomly beautiful.


Addictions of a Meloncholiac..

Addictions of a Meloncholiac..