The Real Megan P


My name is Megan Elizabeth Pappion, a woman passionate about the power of words, using communication and conversation as a capacity to connect, and the opportunity at developing a platform to transfer, translate, and transform personalized experiences through the magic of language.  These are my stories.


The Poetry..


"There is no greater agony.."

"..than bearing an untold story inside of you."

The place where I let my words find their rhythm. An up close and personal compilation of some of life's most intimate and important experiences, written in synchronicity with spoken word. 

The Blog..


"..because writing is the only thing, that when I'm doing it.."

"..I don't feel like I should be doing anything else."

  A combination of articles, essays, and journal entries, curated into my own individual style of storytelling, designed to initiate direct connect with readers and spark collective conversations.

The Book Shelf..


"There comes a time when you stop reading everyone else's story.."

"..And Start Writing Your Own."

My virtual library, consisting of some of my most favorite books, biographies, and and literary must haves...compiled into brief summaries, as well as personal lifestyle recommendations.