Who's that girl?

As a kid i had big dreams. i wanted to be an archaeologist, an astronaut, a criminal defense lawyer, and the first girl in the NBA. I come from a big family, the kind of family that is so close, you grew up thinking your cousins were actually your brothers and sisters. So when i wanted to escape the madness, often times they would find me sitting in the closet with a flashlight reading a book, or laid out in the bathroom with my stereo, the cordless phone, and my sleeping bag in the tub.....especially seeing that i shared a room with my sister until i was 16 years old. It was something about the silence that intrigued me. But it also was in these moments that i realized i could make all those big, random, crazy dreams come true. Once i discovered how to really tap into my imagination, and how to use it, i was obsessed. I would stay up all night reading, write short stories, poetry, i even wrote a letter to president george bush when i was in 5th grade telling him how i Wasn't a fan of his new tax policies, lol....and i kept an active journal well into my 20's. I moved to Houston, Tx with my family From New Orleans, La in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, never finishing college, and i had a beautiful baby boy a year later. so, Im thankful to be alive to participate in a post millenial creative Renaissance with so many Opportunities and platforms to create and promote yourself, for yourself. As an adult ive performed at numerous spoken word events, Written and produced press releases for various businesses, has teamed up with local charities in an effort to promote therapy through literacy with victims of depression, mental illness, addiction, and attempted suicide. Ive Also had numerous articles featured with various publications such as ENVY Magazine Houston, and Blavity.com. I'm just a simple girl passionate about the power of words........and these are my stories .......... 

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