#WCW.. Stacking up the Cake w/ Mignon Smith

#WCW.. Stacking up the Cake w/ Mignon Smith


Im always talking about how important it is to surround yourself with a circle that sees in you what you may not always see in yourself, and we're all born with potential, but not everyone is given the adequate access to the resources needed in order to manifest that potential into something. Even if its something as simple as your best friend asking you to bake a cake for her son's birthday party, not knowing she's about to inspire you to embark on an empire. Thats what happened when one of my really good friends from high school discovered the magic in her hands. Mignon Smith is the owner of Petite Pastries and Parties, a professional pastry chef who has developed a local reputation in OUR hometown of New Orleans, La. I love a good story when you catch up with friends from childhood and see how each other has prospered and grown over the years. We're not those same little girls from our Sweet 16 anymore, lol...ok maybe we are a little, lol......except now we all have kids, and businesses, and bills....LOL.  I had to beg Mignon into making some cupcakes for me when i came back home last time, as we all met up at our friends house to reunite with some old high school classmates...cause i mean after all, it was a special occasion, lol. She rolled her eyes, but i still got my cupcakes lol. If theres one thing I've always loved about her is that she never sugar coated anything, no pun intended lol. But recently, she’s been pouring all her sugar into her craft. Its creative. Its vibrant. Most importantly, its delicious. And even as a full time single mom, and a woman who's built a solid foundation on faith and family, she still finds time to develop herself as a brand to be on the lookout for. Mignon is just as dimensional as the cakes she serves up, so I wanted to give a shot out, and a glimpse, into the woman behind the recipe of it all, and how she manages all the heat in the kitchen..

1. How do you find balance between Mignon the mom, Mignon the chef, and the many dynamics of being Mignon the woman?

-The way that I find balance is by taking care of Mignon 1st after a long day of work. I make sure that my son has a snack ready for him as soon as we walk in door and then I immediately head to my little "island" aka the bathroom  to take a 20 min how bubble bath. This allows me to relax and gather my thoughts and transition from my work day back to being a mom and a baker. I also make time out to hang w my friends and my family. As a single mom my son comes first. I try to make sure he has everything he needs. We do homework together every night.  And I try to take him out for some mom and son time on Sundays but that's if he chooses to hang w me, he has already established a great amount of friends and has become very popular so his time is in high demand lol and he enjoys spending a lot of time w my big brother and his son. With my baking, I like to plan out how I will do everything (this is the only thing I dont procrastinate with). Baking is my therapy, I am able to release my stress through my creativity. I thank God all the time for blessing my hands.

2. If given the chance, what would you tell your younger self?

-You can't change people.

3. Explain how growing up in New Orleans and where you're from has had a huge influence on where you are now and the woman you've become..

- Growing up in New Orleans has made me a family oriented person. I love hanging out with them. They have taught me a lot about life. Just being around so many strong women that has their own stories of success inspires me to be the best woman I can be.

4. What's the most random but useful piece of advice you've ever received?

-My brother Antoine Williams, always says don't think about it too much. This is so true because we tend to over think things and make situations bigger than they need to be.

5. Name 3 accessories you absolutely can not live without.

-my jewelry i love big necklaces -my phone of course -cute shoes

6. Who's your #WCW and why??

-My woman crush is my mom Antoinette Williams. As I look at the role I play today and see how hard it is to complete daily tasks after working a full time job and signing on to 2 more.  I wonder how she took care of our entire household (dad, brother, myself, and my neice) the way she did. My mom worked a full time job and sometimes a part time job.   She made it look real easy. I grew up spolied if i left my room dirty long enough she would clean it. We had breakfast made every morning.  She ironed our clothes for the week (i don't even fold my clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer...lol) She is just a great woman with a great personality who always sees the good in people. My mom, that's my WCW/WCE!!



..This is all a true story.. I don't write about certain people because I need something to write about, I write for people who inspire me as a creative and who I believe has a story that needs to be told. Mignon’s mom is one of my favorite people, lol. Growing up I always remember Ms. Antoinette as being absolutely hilarious, witty, and a complete joy to be around...but baby was she strong. And Mignon was always right behind her. Both of their spirits are contagious. I’m excited to see what’s in store for Petite Pastries and Parties, but I’m really excited about what’s in store for Mignon. And, i know exactly who’s making my wedding cake……..soon as i find a groom lolol <3

You can contact her on instagram @petitepastriesandparties ..reach out to her for your next event, you won’t be disappointed !!!!!

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