Untangled: with Mindy Hobley #WCW

Untangled: with Mindy Hobley #WCW


I'm no Maya Angelou, and I've never tried to be...I've always taken pride in being nothing less than the best version of myself that I possibly could. However, I do know that I've always been blessed with a wonderful way with words, the struggle is figuring out what exactly to do with it. So, when I decided to finally started this blog, not only did I want to share my voice and experiences with a broader audience, but I wanted to create a platform where women of all dimensions, can engage, empower, and find their common ground while developing a network of sisterhood, via social media. I wanted to manifest an opportunity for us to learn from the ones who made it, and invest in the ones still making it. Where the ones with their shit together, are helping the rest of us get ours together. I wanted to construct a space where positive energy recreates itself and girls from all demographics are celebrated as they are, and with what they have. And I couldn't be more excited and optimistic about the journey...........speaking of Mother Angelou, the woman I'm going to talk about today is nothing short of phenomenal, so pardon my excitement...lol:) From her personal life, to her family life, to her business life, Mindy Hobley embodies everything we celebrate about being a Girl Around The Way. With 30+ years in Cosmetology, I've watched Mindy grow from coming over to my house at night after beauty school to do all of our hair (and we had a lot of it), to now owning one of the TOP salon's in New Orleans, with specific extended experience in multicultural hair. What do I mean by "Multicultural hair salon"? Well, let me explain....my grandma used to say "A woman's hair is her crown and glory." And for YEARS Mindy was the only person my mom even let touch our heads. She would always tell my mom "You know one day when she grows up, Megan's going to cut all her hair off, right?" Lol....and...well...YEP. Hair texture can of course be attributed to genetics, race, diet, and the every day wear and tear we put on it with an over abundance of products and heat. So, needless to say it can be difficult to find a stylist who knows exactly how to manage and maintain your particular grain of hair. Mindy's salon Ringletts consists of a host of stylists with all dynamics of hair, who specify in the beauty regimens for the type of hair that many of us "Mixed Chicks" can't seem to pinpoint. Whether you're light skinned or dark skinned, kinky, curly, natural or wavy, from Uptown or the from the Seventh Ward.....Ringletts sets an environment for women with all kinds of multi-demographical hair woes to be comfortable in untangling their knots. 1. Who's your #WCW and why??

My #WCW is Amber Rose, & Ashley Graham.....something about those thick chicks!

2. What are you listening to and/or reading right now?

Just finished listening to Russell Simmons' "Meditation Made Simple" on my phone, and I am in the middle of reading "Chasing Heaven" by Crystal McVea.

3. What's the most random but useful piece of advice you've ever received?

The most random piece of advice I have ever gotten is to "stay in the present" I find if you keep your mind fixed on what is going on now, the anxiety of future or the past goes away.

4. Name 3 accessories you absolutely can not live without.

I can't live without are my Loreal mascara, cut off Levi shorts and my Tarte lip pencil.

3. What life transitions are you most proud of?

I am most proud of raising my daughter to be to be conscious of the fear that arises is us all and to not let it control her life. And I am pleased with both  of my Ringletts Salons in New Orleans, La. They are a true testament, that what you set your mind on will happen


6. If there was a playlist or soundtrack about your life, describe it and what tracks would be listed?  And while we're on the subject, lol...what song should be your theme music when you walk in a room? We all have theme music..or atleast, we should lol..

-My Soundtrack would be a culmination of struggle and triumph after looking for someone and something to fill a void. Later to find out through meditation and spiritualism that I could fill my own self up. When I enter a room, any song with a bad ass beat should be playing..I love a killer beat and there aint nothing like getting my stride on to the beat!

8. How did you find balance between Mindy the mom, Mindy the artist and businesswoman, Mindy the wife, and the many dynamics of simply being Mindy the woman?

Through my journey, balancing all the amazing hats that I wear, it is never easy but the key is to be teachable and eager to learn about how to be the very best mother, wife and entrepreneur. There is so much wonderful information through people and books and the internet that funneled to me, I just had to be open to it.

...It's no surprise to me that Mindy correlates her key to staying balanced with her thirst to stay learning, as well as teaching, because we can all have direct impacts on our surroundings if we remain open to giving as well as receiving. Every day there's new resources out there to share your energy with the world, and access to avenues that were never there before, which is why I even wanted to start writing again in the first place. From the background, I've always admired Mindy's tenacity as a woman, whether an entrepreneur, a mother, or a wife....she's the type of girl you see walking past and you can't help but applaud. The one that makes you say, "I want to be like her when I grow up." Even though you're in your 30's, LOL. On Instagram the other day I posted a quote from ballerina Misty Copeland that read "Know that you can Start Late, Look Different, Be Uncertain, and STILL Succeed." That's kind of the whole theme behind this blog. We don't all have clear, speed bump free paths to stardom. Some of us have been divorced, some of us have never been married. Some of us have promising careers, some of us never graduated college and are in debt over our heads. We have Kids. Jobs. Bills. Wants. Needs. Desires. But we still have real life tangible AMBITIONS. And we should be encouraged to be the examples we need to be for ourselves, and for our children, because nothing should seem out of reach. I want to celebrate women like Mindy who show us that we can be strong business women, but still be delicate and vulnerable. We can be moms, but we can still be sexy. We can be a wife, but still be a leader. We can twerk to the trap music and turn right around and meditate. Yep..Look at us, over here just balancing our chakras and shit while we braid hair and drink daiquris.....LOL. Here's to Mindy Hobley ladies and gentleman.......phenomenal woman, that's her.......❤️ #WCW

Support your local entrepreneurs, make sure to check out Ringletts and Ringletts Express in New Orleans, Louisiana. See www.ringlettssalon.com for more information!!!



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